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Eastern Sierras Mammoth Wedding PART ONE { Berry Breakfast at the Chalfant House }

May 30, 2014

Is there a more perfect thing than waking up to the smell of crepes and coffee, in an old B&B, in the middle of the Eastern Sierras, with the one you love? This small mountain wedding taking place just minutes from Mammoth Mounain begins with the morning spent at the Chalfant House, a B&B restored from a home built in the 1800s, where the soon-to-be-wed anticipate their day together over berries and breakfast delights. But oh this isn’t it! Be sure to check out the Ceremony & Reception as well that will be posted later today!! ūüôā


Event Design by MINT DESIGN
Flowers by Lilies of the Field
Makeup by Amanda Olson
Paper Products Matinae Design Studio
Jams by Sweet Lady Cook
Macarons by De Coeur Bake Shop


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Check back tonight to see the full wedding ceremony & reception! Sneak Peek below… YEAH. BREATHTAKING!!