Iceland Wedding {Árbær, Búðir and Reykjavík }

I met Anthony and Ýr a few months ago through the small world of social media. They held an intimate Iceland wedding ceremony the previous year without a photographer, and were hoping to celebrate their commitment to one another again after one year of martial bliss. Anthony and Yr were wonderful hosts, and provided some great tips and places to explore for our week-long venture around the entire island. There was nothing more freeing than packing up a van and driving around one of the most incredible landscapes on this planet with no set plans. Upon our arrival back to the city, I was thrilled to meet with them once again for our shoot at the Árbær Open Air Museum, filled with authentic settlements that Icelanders had lived in for centuries. The owners graciously rented the space to us, and styles from Free People, Pendleton, and J. Crew, made the voyage over the Atlantic for this project.  Even though the unpredictable weather in Iceland took us by surprise, the grey skies brought out the intense emeralds of the tall grass-covered buildings. And Ýr has hair perfect for catching the cold, brisk Icelandic winds (Truly!). I could not have been more inspired by this pair and the AMAZINGNESS that is Iceland. (I hope to blog more adventure photos down the road). What a perfect way to end our travels around this magical place!


Iceland Elopement  Kelsea HolderBudir Iceland Elopement  Kelsea HolderIceland Elopement  Kelsea HolderIceland Elopement  Kelsea HolderIceland Elopement  Kelsea HolderIceland Elopement  Kelsea HolderIceland Elopement  Kelsea HolderIceland Elopement  Kelsea Holderkelsea_holder_iceland_wedding018Iceland Elopement  Kelsea Holderkelsea_holder_iceland_wedding048kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding036kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding033kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding062kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding060kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding030kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding028kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding063kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding044kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding045kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding055kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding046kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding047kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding065kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding053kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding037kelsea_holder_iceland_wedding052Iceland waterfall Elopement  Kelsea Holder

This Iceland Wedding shoot was a dream.