Juan & Jaselle {Baking & Picnic in the Wildflowers Engagement} San Luis Obispo

I think taking photos should always be fun. It shouldn’t be something that couples stress about- worrying about posing just right and straining their necks in the process. I honestly believe that if a couple is comfortable and just having a good time it will show. This is why I just LOVE planning little outings for my Engagement sessions. My couples get to go do something fun and focus on having a great time, while I’m there capturing it all. I’ve gone apple-picking, bike riding on the beach, and whatever else my couples enjoy for Engagement sessions. And for Juan & Jaselle, we decided to bake strawberry cheesecake and go enjoy it on a picnic in the wildflowers! 🙂

It is obvious these two really love one another. And I gotta say, this was a really fun day! I cannot wait to photograph their wedding next Spring!

So let’s get baking!

kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement001 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement002 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement003 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement004kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement005 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement006 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement007 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement008 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement009 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement010 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement011 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement012kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement030
We stumbled upon the most gorgeous wildflower field to enjoy a little picnic and do some exploring in! kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement014 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement015 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement016 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement017 And this is when the afternoon light started to shine through some slightly overcast skies! kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement018 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement029 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement019 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement028 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement022 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement023 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement024 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement025 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement026 kelseaholder_picnic_baking_engagement027<3