Lara Jade NYC Fashion Photography Workshop

So in early March, I was spending the weekend camping with tons of other AMAZING artists at Photo Field Trip in El Capitan. I got to learn from so many talented photographers, unplug, and camp in the mud! Remember that huge storm us Californians had in late Feb/early March? Yeah. That was the weekend we went camping. I barely had service there, but right before one of my workshop classes I decided to check my Photography facebook page as I found a few bars to cling onto! When I opened up the app, I realized I had nearly 200 new page “LIKES” ! I normally did not acquire 200 new fans one one day (though I wish), so I found this a bit odd! I then checked a comment left on my page saying “Congratulations you have been chosen . . .” And for some reason, instead of reading the entire comment, all of the strangeness leading up to it just made me freeze up. I honestly thought I had been scammed. Oh great! My page is hacked or something, was all I could think. Upon reading the comment again I noticed “Lara Jade” was the person who contacted me. I re-read this message about 20 times. “Congratulations, you have been chosen to receive a seat at my next NYC fashion photography workshop!” Skeptical, I went to her Facebook page to research further. I do remember entering the contest, but there is no way I won out of hundreds of applicants. But behold, she had announced on her page that I was the winner. I had spent the past few minutes processing these thoughts and feelings. Once I started to realize this was real life…. I EXPLODED—

So, one month later I find myself staying in the quaint Polish town of Greenpoint, Brooklyn attending Lara Jade’s photography workshop over the weekend at Colony Studios. UN. REAL.
I’m not much of a writer, and do not think I could even correctly express how awesome this experience was, how delightful Lara and her team are, and how amazing all of the other artists were at this workshop. Luckily, a friend and fellow attendee, Jeff Nguyen of JeFresh Media created this AMAZING video recapping the weekend.

Lara Jade from Jeff Nguyen on Vimeo.

And here are a few images I took & edited


Huge thank you to Lara Jade, Pratik Naik and their team:
Tracy Valarie
Felix Kunze
Natalie Walsh
Jillian Xenia

Models – Elina and Alisha
Make Up – Misu
Hair – Misu
Styling – Donald

and of course COLONY Studios Brooklyn.