Yosemite Vow Renewal

“Jacob and I originally met in the second grade, became friends and developed childhood crushes on one another. I guess you could call us elementary school sweethearts.”


“Unfortunately, we lost touch a few years later after my family moved across town. However, several years after that, we reconnected and both felt that same innocent love as we did in elementary school. Shortly after, Jacob asked me to marry him. Jacob has always loved Yosemite, as he vacationed there almost every summer for 20 years.With its natural beauty, we thought Yosemite would be the perfect backdrop for our wedding ten years ago. We wanted to marry in October and Jacob suggested the 6th because that was my parent’s wedding anniversary. He figured it was good luck since they had been married 26 years at the time.”


“Our wedding ceremony was small and intimate, under an apple tree outside the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite Valley. We wanted to renew our vows for our ten year wedding anniversary, not because it felt necessary, but the fact that it would give us the opportunity again to declare our love for one another in the same magical place as before. We chose to hold another small ceremony under the same apple tree we were married ten years – to the day – earlier. This time, we included our beautiful children. We believe that our love has strengthened over the years through respect, honesty, and a pure desire to want to help and support one another.”

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